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I recently spoke to a mother-to-be who told me she desperately wanted a natural birth. Her spouse believes she should just get an epidural "and call it a day". I'm curious other people's opinions on this. While a spouse's opinion is very important, the mother is the one doing the laboring, so should she consider her spouse's opinion? If he's only wanting her to do it because it's appears to be the easier route, then should his desires be disregarded?
This is why it's So important for a woman to surround herself with people who are advocates for the way SHE wants to birth during the process. Everyone needs to be on the same page...mother, spouse, doctor, midwife, and doula.

Great Quote

"The traditional midwife believes that birth proceeds in a spiral fashion: labor starts, stops and starts, while the baby goes down, up and down, and the cervix opens, closes and opens.   Nature has no design for failure; she holds her own meaning for success." — Sher Willis

My Least Favorite Term...Failure To Progress!

   This is the worst term to say to a woman in labor! First off it has the word "Failure" in it. There is no such thing as failure to progress. The body will eventually push the baby out. We have become such an impatient and number crazy society, we've forgotten that the natural birth process can take anywhere from an hour to DAYS...yes, days. And that can happen in a healthy manner, if we let the mother alone. Don't let doctors talk you into thinking you will not progress. They get nervous about birth taking a long time, because over the last 100 years, we've become a medical society and discovered more problems in medically assisted birth, leading them to believe the birth itself was the danger, not the intervention. Doctors have their place. I firmly believe that. But "Failure to Progress" is just a hospitals impatience. let a mother birth with a couple of loving people around and in her own time. -Gina
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