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Coming Soon!!
Birth Tub Rentals!!
Spinning Babies!!
Welcome Baby Barrett
End of Year Thanks


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Coming Soon!!

I have happily signed up for classes to become a Childbirth Educator! I will be able to offer this to clients in a private setting, or in a group setting, as early as mid-May of 2018. Looking very forward to the Passion For Birth Childbirth Education Training!

Birth Tub Rentals!!

I am now the proud owner of a brand new Aqua Doula Birth tub!! This professional-grade birth pool is sturdy, spacious, easy to set up, and perfectly portable for any home birthing tub needs. Laboring and/or birthing in water is one of the most effective ways to naturally relieve pain and relax the birthing parent. You can either labor in the water and exit the tub when it's time to give birth, or stay in and birth in the water! Babies tend to be very calm when birthed in the warm water, since they're going from one warm wet environment into another. Laboring/birth in water also helps the parent's perineal tissue stretch with less tearing, as the warm water makes the tissue more pliable and elastic. 
Contact me for rental options or more information on the benefits of water labor/birth!

Spinning Babies!!

As of this past summer, I've completed the training class of Spinning Babies! No, that does not mean I put babies on a stool and spin them around lol.  It does mean a better chance to help the pregnant parent throughout pregnancy and labor, identifying ways to help baby find their way into and through the pelvis with better ease. Using Spinning Babies techniques can lessen certain discomforts, help to balance the muscles and ligaments in the pelvis, and even aid in re-positioning a malpositioned baby. I'm so excited to keep adding to my doula tool belt!!

Welcome Baby Barrett

This was quite an exciting and adventure-filled birth. I'm so proud of the parents for fighting like I've never seen for a great outcome. Everyone is healthy and happy. This birth reminded me that even the scary moments teach us about ourselves, and how we can persevere if we never give up the fight for what we need and want for our families. Congratulations, guys, on your new little Christmas present!

End of Year Thanks

What a fantastic year this has been. I've met so many wonderful people and seen so many babies come into the world. I've learned more about myself this year as well, through good and hard times. Thank you to all the families who've let me be a part of their lives. Happy holidays!

Congrats to Elissa and Ty!

Wow, I have never been so happy to have questioned the signs I was seeing. You body, Elissa, was sending us some pretty mixed signals. 
After only 3 hours or active labor, we were off to the hospital and barely made it in the door for push time! Any later, and we might have had a highway baby!
Congrats on your super cute little girl, born September 13th!

Another fantastic and crazy year!

So, there has been a torrent of excitement since my last post, which has made keeping up with my blog impossible. Throughout the year, I've attended births, had a wedding, gone to Indonesia, and I'm now preparing to have neck surgery. To all the birth families I attended:
Congrats to Erica, Carmon, Connie, Elissa, and Derrica. You each had some amazing things happen, and I was so honored to be a part of it!

Welcome Lillian!

Congrats to Michelle and Ben on the birth of Lillian Claire At 7:30am on the dot yesterday. Fastest labor progression I've ever seen. Way to birth, Mama! 

Welcome, Baby Makenna!

Congrats to Michele and David on their new baby girl, Makenna, born yesterday morning. She surprised us all by coming days early and way faster (as births go) than even the midwife and nurses were gauging. Way to go, Michele! Your hard work paid off with a beautiful, sweet, and, most importantly, healthy Baby!

Welcome Little Olive!

Better late than never (me, not the baby). It's been another crazy few months, and I now have time to post this. Congrats to Erin and Martin on their adorable little girl, born on Thursday, March 27th. I waited until the moment she came out to find out her name, which her parents had kept secret. As I told the exhausted mother to look and see that the baby had just come out (sometimes we are too fraught with emotion to notice that we just accomplished our goal), she gasped and cried out "Olive! Her name is Olive." It was a moment so precious to me, just writing this and remembering brings joyful tears to my eyes. Thank you for letting me into your lives. The journey has just begun.

Welcome Josie!

Congratulations are in order for Jamie and her husband on Baby number 5 and their first girl! Little Josie is absolutely precious. Enjoy!

Welcome Elliot!

Congrats to Heather and Graeme on their tiny and very healthy baby boy, Elliot. He's three weeks old now and the sweetest little thing. You both are doing so well, and I'm proud of you!

Welcome Baby Nico!

OK, I had an extremely crazy summer and fall, so this is a little late coming. Congrats to Colleen on her beautiful baby boy, Nico. My first home birth experience completely changed my views on what the body truly can do in a natural setting. It was awe inspiring. I already thought I had a stable and liberal view of natural birth, and now it has been completely expanded. Thank you for letting me into the experience!

My new phone number

My boyfriend is adorable. We've just moved into our new home in Redmond and needed a new number. While my boyfriend was setting up an internet phone for us, he decided to pick something catchy for my business. Our new number spells out 661-DOULA99. So nice to have his support. Like I said...adorable!

Importance of Postpartum Massage

Ok, so I have loads of pregnant clients who see me for prenatal massage services. They all feel the benefits of the therapy, and they come back every week, same time, until they give birth.

So what about after the baby is born? Obviously there is recovery time. But new mothers tend to fall into this pattern of letting their own care go completely by the wayside after the baby is born. I did it myself. It's difficult not to. We have a new little one to take care of day and night. But meanwhile, your abs are weakened(or torn open, if you had a c-section). Your relaxin hormone has begun to fade, so your  muscles are starting to get tighter. Your upper back hurts from holding the baby, compromising good posture. Your hips are realigning, most likely unevenly, causing problems with your low back. Your breasts hurt from both engorgement and chest muscles tightening from holding the baby all the time. And, of course, you are absolutely exhausted because, well, you're a new mom.

Solution: yes...massage can actually help most of these issues. Postpartum massage requires special training to understand the physiological changes you are going through and how to help your body return to normal. Abdominal massage helps to strengthen your abs back up(who doesn't want that??), and in the case of C-sections, can reduce the overall appearance of the scar and return feeling to your abdomen's skin(yes, you can lose feeling with the surgery). More importantly it can break up the internal scar tissue which have potentially negative effects on subsequent pregnancies. Massage will sooth those tense muscles in your lower back, and help strengthen the ones in your upper back that are probably too lengthened now. 
There is even breast tissue massage for clogged milk ducts, and loosening your pec muscles(besides it's application for mastectomy and breast reduction recovery). There is currently no one in Seattle who offers breast tissue massage, but I'm working on getting that certification by the year's end. 
Massaging you cannot make your baby sleep longer through the night, but it may help you get a bit of relaxation and recovery time, so you just might have enough energy to help you get on with that wonderful and terrifying new task of being mommy!
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