The Gentle Birth - Birth with the Healing Power of Touch
Zoe was worth the labor processServices Offered:
   Prenatal and Perinatal Support
  Birth Plan Preparation
  24 On-Call Labor Support 
   Prenatal Massage 
  Postpartum night care
  Birth Tub Rental (for home birth)
  (Postpartum: additional fees apply)

Areas Served:
    Seattle, Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Everett, Issaquah and surrounding areas

  I have a flat fee of $1600.  A sliding scale is available for out-of-hospital births. Normal fee includes birth preparation, 2 prenatal visits, 1 free prenatal massage and discounted massage throughout pregnancy, 24 hr on-call availability and supportfrom the time of hire until approximately 6 weeks postpartum, support from early labor until 1-2 hours after the baby's birth, and 2 postpartum visits.
THE LATEST NEWS: I am now a partner of Birth Matters NW sharing a love for this work with Birth and Postpartum Doula Mariah Falin. Feel free to contact me through here, or at

Beautiful Pregnancy
Message from Gina
   Pregnancy and birth are beautiful experiences. With the right support, a laboring parent can do anything. The role of a doula is to offer support to the laboring parent and their family in whatever setting they choose for the birth. The doula is prepared to be present from the start of the labor process until after the birth. When necessary, the doula reminds the laboring parent and those present of their original desires for the birth, and help them adapt to all changes that come about in the process. No matter what happens before, during, and after labor, whether or not it's exactly as you planned, the most important thing is that you feel supported throughout the process. It is always, and will always be my honor, to serve you through your unique life-changing, incredible journey.

   "Gina is amazing! She is very considerate, thorough, strong, patient.... I was in labor for 61 hours and she never left my side."-Jessica A.

   "Little did I know how much I would need Gina come actual labor.  Gina provided the essential support that helped me successfully deliver my baby boy naturally, something that seemed a lot more difficult said than done.  And when complications arose following delivery, Gina remained by my side."  -Monica M.

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